2022 Road Work Announcement


Spring 2022

Residents of Cascade Township,

This notice is to inform you that the road you live on will be reconstructed this spring and summer.  This reconstruction includes the following actions:

  • Reclaim the roadway and grade
  • Replace defective culverts (cross culverts on the roadway and resident’s access culverts if in the right-of-way)
  • Cut back driveway access if needed for the new roadway height
    • Blacktop drives will be machine milled
    • Concrete drives will be cut
    • Gravel drives will have gravel installed to match new roadway
    • Concrete aprons will be replaced with blacktop apron
  • Remove trees, brush, trash in the right-of-way as needed
  • Pave base layer 2 inches
  • Shoulder new road

Next year the wear blacktop surface of the road will be installed and shouldered.

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Contact Road Maintenance Supervisor Pat McGowan with questions Monday – Thursday between 7:00am and 5:00pm, at 507-250-6081.

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